NFL Hold Outs News And Updates

Training camp has begun and some players want new contracts. They will hold out until they get it. Here is all the news we know at this time. Check back here for updates all training camp!


Signed Deals:

(7-26-19) Seattle Seahawks and LB Bobby Wagner have agreed on a 3 year, $54 million contract extension.



(7-25-19) The Dallas Cowboys team plane has left for their training facility in Oxford, California and RB Ezekiel Elliot was not on the plane.

(7-25-19) New Orleans Saints WR Micheal Thomas has not reported to camp with the rest of the team. He is currently searching high and low for a new deal.

(7-24-19) – Los Angeles Chargers RB Melvin Gordon did not show up to camp with the rest of the team this morning as he seeks a new contract.

(7-24-19) Washington Redskins LT Trent Williams is not expected to show up to the first day of camp today.

(7-24-19) – DE Yannick Ngakoue will hold out on the Jacksonville Jaguars until he gets a new deal.

(7-15-19) – Houston Texans DE/LB Jadeveon Clowney did not reach a long term deal with the team before the franchise tag signing deadline and is now expected to hold out.


(7-24-19) Duke Johnson has requested a trade away from a very crowded backfield in Cleveland. He has shown up to camp.

(7-24-19) Jacksonville Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey showed up to the stadium in a money truck to show the team that he wants a new deal. Ramsey did however join the team on field.

(7-23-19) Seattle Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner will report to camp but will be unlikely practice. He will “take it easy” until a new deal is reached.

(7-23-19) – The Detroit Lions don’t have to worry as both CB Darius Slay and DT Damien Harrison will reportedly both arrive for camp on time.

(7-21-19) – WE Julio Jones wants a new deal from the Atlanta Falcons with two years remaining on his current contract but he will not hold out.

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