Must Watch Games of The 2019 NFL Season

The NFL is usually nothing short of exciting week in and week out. There is usually always at least one great game per week, whether it includes a fourth quarter comeback, an offensive shootout or a defensive chess match. Here’s one game from each week that I think all fans must tune into this season.


Week One : Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

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Photo Source : AP Photo / Jeffery Phelps

Last year’s week one match-up between these two did not disappoint. It seemed all hope was lost when Aaron Rodgers went down with a leg injury in the first half and Khalil Mack being an unstoppable force throughout the game, then Rodgers came back and led another famous fourth quarter comeback! As the first regular season game this year, it is a perfect way to open up the NFL’s 100th season. The oldest rivalry in the NFL meeting again.

Week Two : New Orleans Saints @ Los Angeles Rams

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Their last meeting ended in a bit of controversy. In the photo above you see a Rams defensive back making contact with a Saints wide receiver before getting to touch the ball. Usually this would end with a pass interference call on the defense and the Saints would be that much closer to the end zone, though this time there was no penalty and the Rams forced overtime and won the game to clinch a trip to Super Bowl 53. This left fans everywhere making memes and ruthlessly picking on the officials. This is a rematch that all fans have been waiting for and it sure is a must watch game. That will likely be nationally televised.


Week Three : Los Angeles Rams @ Cleveland Browns

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I hate to put the same team on the list twice, but if it’s the best game on the schedule, it’ll be on here. The Rams are still a star studded team with Todd Gurley leading the offense and Aaron Donald on the defense. On the other side of the field, we have the Cleveland Browns who have a GREAT offense on paper with the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. from the New York Giants while already having Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb and Jarvis Landry. This has the potential to be a fantastic offensive shootout.

Week Four : Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints

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When these two teams met last year in Jerry’s World, it was a defensive clash that would end in a Saints loss ending a 10 game win streak and it would catapult the Cowboys to a playoff berth. These two teams are still as talented as they were last year and are built to put on a great show during prime time football. Not as electric as games aforementioned, but still worth watching nonetheless.

Week Five : Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs

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Photo Source : AP Photo/Ed Zurga

These are two of the top teams in the AFC. Andrew Luck and Patrick Mahomes are borderline if not total elite QBs and always put on a show when given a chance in the spotlight. Though the Colts struggled to get the offense going in the divisional round the last time these two met. But another off-season under them in a early match-up should provide a better game. I hope we can see some high scoring action this upcoming year.

Week Six : New York Giants @ New England Patriots

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Yes, we all are aware the Giants aren’t exactly in a competitive state as far as their roster goes. Though, I think this is definitely a game the Giants will get up for. The New England Patriots have been the best team since the new millennium with six Super Bowl wins on nine appearances. Two of three of those losses, were to Eli Manning and the Giants. They’ve been a thorn in the Patriots dynasty’s side and this should be a fun game, even if the Giants aren’t exactly world destroyers anymore, and even if the biggest appeal to this game is nostalgia alone.

Week Seven : Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

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This rivalry has turned out to be one of the must entertaining in all of the NFL. The Eagles and Cowboys have had a handful of newfound success in recent years since finding their new franchise QBs in Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott.As well as having each of them a supporting cast with Ezekiel Elliott on the Cowboys and Zach Ertz on the Eagles just to name a few. They’re both division winning contenders with a legitimate shot at playoff success. The teams are only getting better and the offensive explosion waiting to happen is even getting me excited for it. This is the definition of “Must Watch T.V.”

Week Eight : Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs

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Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers are two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Making the craziest most improbable throws ever seen. Two top tier offenses clashing together on Sunday Night? There’s nothing better than that. I hate to focus on the QBs so much in these previews, but the match-ups are just so electric. Rodgers and Mahomes is the best one yet, expect touchdowns left and right until the very end.

Week Nine : Green Bay Packers @ Los Angeles Chargers

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The Chargers are a really overlooked team. There are great players all over this roster with Phillip Rivers, Mike Williams, Melvin Gordon (pending on if they give him a new deal), Joey Bosa and Derwin James. Against a new look Packers team who have a new emphasis on defense and a new cast for Aaron Rodgers to throw to. It will probably be the nationally televised game of that Sunday afternoon and should pan out to be a great game of team football.

Week 10 : Los Angeles Rams @ Pittsburgh Steelers

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Photo Source : AP Photo / Nick Wass

Sure, the Steelers have taken a step back since the days of Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell accompanying QB Ben Roethlisberger, but this team is still very solid. James Conner and Juju Smith-Schuster have proven to be at the top of their position and Roethlisberger is still very serviceable. Pending a unseen collapse of the team, they should remain competitive leaving this prime-time match-up against the Rams very interesting and worth watching.

Week 11 : New England Patriots @ Philadelphia Eagles

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The last time these two teams met, it was a 41-33 shootout in Super Bowl 52 that would end in Philadelphia’s first ever Super Bowl title. Plenty of memorable moments from the game including the pictured “Philly Special”. Though the Super Bowl winning QB, Nick Foles, is no longer with the team, they still have Carson Wentz who was injured at the time. While the Patriots, who have since rebounded and won a Super Bowl, still have Tom Brady. These teams have taken to a new identity gaining new faces and losing old ones. Super Bowl rematches have always proven to be fun. With these two teams, it shouldn’t be any different.

Week 12 : Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans

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These two teams are top tier playoff contenders from the same division. This is bound to be competitive. The Texans have a top tier defense with elite pass rushers like JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney along with a well built offense in Deshaun Watson and receivers Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller V. The Colts as said previously are also a well built team with a superstar QB and a great supporting cast. Another team oriented game that should be great all the way around.

Week 13 : New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

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On thanksgiving night we get to see these two rivals go toe to toe. They’re both high powered offenses with nothing short of solid defenses. This is one of the more underrated rivalries in football with the Saints and Falcons. Drew Brees and Matt Ryan are both great QBs with great supporting casts and good running backs behind them with Alvin Kamara on the Saints and Devante Freeman on the Falcons. Thanksgiving Football is usually just forgotten about and put on for the sake of having it on, but this game I would pay attention to as it could lead to a division lead change down the road.

Week 14 : Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots

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Let’s be honest, besides the Rams VS Chiefs spectacle last year on Monday night football, the Patriots and Chiefs games were the best games in all of football last year. The AFC Championship game especially. I expect this game to be no different and it could be another game of the year candidate! Get ready for more great coaching and offensive fireworks courtesy of Brady & Belichick with the help of Mahomes & Reid.

Week 15 : Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints

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Another great team match-up. Superstar quarterbacks and great supporting casts. I feel that I’ve said this too many times but it is true. The Colts and Saints at this point in the season are both top teams in their conference and division (barring any terrible injuries or they just don’t play well) looking to get an edge on their competition. This week 15 game could prove to be what decides a first round bye or having home field at all!

Week 16 : Kansas City Chiefs @ Chicago Bears

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The unstoppable force meets the immovable object. The Bears defense was absolutely incredible last season being ranked number one in a multitude of categories, and the Chiefs offense behind Mahomes’ MVP year was ranked as the number one offense in just about all things. If things repeat their performance from last year, we could be in for a classic battle of titans here.

Week 17 : Los Angeles Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs

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Photo Source : Ed Zurga / AP Photo

The AFC West will probably come down to these two teams, just like last year. The Chargers and Chiefs are pegged to be at the top of the AFC by all analysts and fans alike, it should be a tight race to the end just like last year. In a week 17 meeting the division could very well come down to just one game and the better team will win and take it all home. It could mean getting a playoff bye or home field advantage throughout the season if all goes to plan! For week 17 divisional games, this is as good as it gets.

Photo Source :AP Photo / Mike Roemer

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