IIHF Power Rankings and Predictions

The IIHF World Championship is underway and it started with a few shocks. Day 1 had Finland, Slovakia, and Czech Republic shocking Canada, United States, and Sweden respectively. Russia, Switzerland, and Germany (no tough opponents yet) remain undefeated after 3 games, while Italy, Great Britain, Norway, France, and Austria have yet to win a game. Italy hasn’t scored yet and Great Britain has only been able to get 1 on the board. Let’s take a look at power rankings based on my opinion of strength of schedule and my predictions of who will take home the gold and who will get relegated.


Power Rankings

  1. Finland
  2. Russia
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Canada
  5. United States
  6. Sweden
  7. Slovakia
  8. Switzerland
  9. Germany
  10. Latvia
  11. Denmark
  12. France
  13. Austria
  14. Norway
  15. Great Britain
  16. Italy

The reason I have Russia in 2nd is due to their schedule (Norway, Austria, and Czech Republic), which I believe is not as tough as Finland (Canada, Slovakia, and USA). While Germany and Switzerland remain undefeated their schedules also are weak. Germany played Great Britain, Denmark, and France, and didn’t produce the amount of goals that the tournament favorites have. The Swiss have only given up one goal in 3 games, but also have a weak schedule playing Italy, Latvia, and Austria.


Top 4 teams advance, while bottom team is relegated to World Championship Division 1A

Group A

  1. Finland
  2. United States
  3. Canada
  4. Slovakia

Relegated: France

Group B

  1. Russia
  2. Sweden
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Switzerland

Relegated: Italy

Knockout Round:


(1) A1 vs B4: Finland over Switzerland

(2 ) B2 vs A3: Sweden over Canada

(3) B1 vs A4: Russia over Slovakia

(4) A2 vs B3 United States over Czech Republic


1 vs 2 Sweden over Finland

3 vs 4 United States over Russia

Bronze Medal Game

Russia over Finland

Gold Medal Game

Sweden over United States for back to back to back World Championships

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