Heat-Suns Lost in Deadline Madness

In the Chaos that is the NBA trade deadline, there has been no shortage of deals, some ranging from blockbuster trades all the way to cut and release deals to free up off season cap space. The latest trade between the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat is the latter. Today’s Reports announced the Miami Heat will exchange Tyler Johnson (guard) and Wayne Ellington (guard) for Ryan Anderson (forward) from the Phoenix Suns. While this is certainly not a league shifting event, it does have some very crucial benefits for both teams.

Despite the amount of young talented prospects on their roster, the Suns have certainly had their fair share of problems this season, as they have one of the worst records in the league. No trade is going to fix everything for this franchise, but they are addressing one of their biggest problems. Despite rumors being Ellington will be waived, Tyler Johnson is still a young developing point guard.

While most teams were surprised when the Miami Heat matched such a high salary offer from the Nets in the offseason of 2016, Miami clearly saw flashes of potential when he averaged almost 14 points per game off the bench earlier that year. Since then he hasn’t quite lived up to the 19-million-dollar salary and the Heat felt it was time to part. For a team like the Suns, adding more young talent is always good, and the addition of a point guard to facilitate the offense and help their developing players progress may end up being worth the large salary.

The other side of the trade is the stretch big man coming to Miami. Ryan Anderson was once a revolutionizing player in the league, and one of the more productive shooting power forwards in the league. Despite that his offensive talent wasn’t always able to shine due to the liability he caused on defense, and lack of NBA level athleticism. With time both of those issues have only gotten worse, and the points production has dropped down to just 3.7 points per game despite making over 20 million dollars per year.

You may be wondering why the Miami Heat are interested in this trade and the answer is simple, money. This is the final year of Anderson’s contract and with that the Heat just freed up 20 million dollars of cap space for this off season, to go along with the salary usually going to the retiring Dwayne Wade. That leaves the Heat a hefty 22 million to try and make a splash in free agency this off season. Only time will tell if the allure of tropical Miami and newly found cap room will be enough to lure players to a new era of Miami basketball.

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