2019 Clash of Champions Wins and Loses

2019 Clash of Champions Wins and Loses

Headlined by a Universal Championship match between Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins, Clash of Champions looked to bring a great show to entertain the WWE Universe.

The past three months, WWE has done pretty well with their pay per views. Extreme Rules turned the tide for WWE, and SummerSlam was a great show. Clash of Champions…..kind of ended that trend to be honest.

It wasn’t a bad show at all. I just found myself not really all that invested in some of the matches. Some of the night’s matches really dragged on, while the beginning of the show was pretty quick.

With that said, here are my wins and loses from WWE Clash of Champions!

Pre-Match Lighting

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So let’s start off with a small detail that I was incredibly happy with. One of the trademarks of NXT has always been the way the wrestlers in Championship matches are announced.

The arena lights go out, expect for bright spotlights on the ring. It has always made the match feel a lot bigger and more important then regular singles matches.

I also believe this a win for NXT itself. I think WWE did this so it doesn’t feel different from NXT when they debut on the USA Network on the 18th. They’re implementing some aspects of NXT so nobody thinks of it as a “lesser brand” or the “minor leagues”. Making it seem like just a third brand is 100% the way to go.’

Lets hope this is a Championship match thing going forward, and not just a Clash of Champions thing.

Charlotte vs. Bayley

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This is a loss for me just because of the match itself. I have no problem with the way Bayley won. I actually think it was right idea. Even though I know she is, Bayley still didn’t seem like a heel.

Despite her doing the whole “I’m a real role model thing”, everything else is still old Bayley. Her music is still happy and bubbly. She still comes out and acts like a face. I mean, how can you be a heel and have wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men on the ramp?

Having Bayley win by nefarious means is perfect in my opinion. But that spot just seemed to come at a very weird time. Even the way Bayley threw Charlotte into the turnbuckle was weak. The match could’ve went for another 5 or 10 minutes and I think it would’ve helped tremendously.

Harper and Rowan

So I’ve seen some mixed feelings about this on social media. Luke Harper returned and helped his long time friend Erick Rowan out in his match against Roman Reigns.

One of the major points of criticism I keep seeing is; “Harper and Rowan again?” I could understand that, but let’s look at it. Harper and Rowan were first apart of the Wyatt Family which is one of the best factions in our time.

They then split up and formed the Bludgeon Brothers. They were terrific in my opinion. Anybody remember when they attacked New Day and almost killed Woods? But injuries would hurt the team and force Harper and Rowan to both go on the shelf for some time.

If they could both stay healthy and WWE don’t prematurely split them up, we could be in store for a great team. Rowan teaming up with Bryan made no sense in my opinion, and Harper is too great of a talent to just be stuck in limbo.

Harper helping out Rowan against the Big Dog could solidify them as a top tag team in the company, minus the big hammers and awesome theme song.

Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

I’m not going to sit her and say that I didn’t want Kofi to win the WWE Championship, because I did. I was all behind Kofi-mania and went crazy watching it happen.

But for some reason, his championship run just hasn’t connected with me. It was great at first. It was amazing for young black kids in the crowd to finally see someone like them hold that championship and be a role model for them.

But ever since then, he just hasn’t really connected with me. And to throw even more negativity out there, I’m not a huge fan of Randy Orton. Legend Killer Randy? Perfect. Legacy Orton? I loved it. But lately it just seems that he’s the guy that the company sends out there to be the veteran wrestler that is the biggest hurdle for the champion yet, but doesn’t win.

This match dragged on for me to be honest, and I think another reason why I tend to shy away from Orton, is because his matches seem predictable to me.

He’ll always fight to do the draping DDT and will only succeed the third or forth time. At some point he’ll drop his opponent on the announcers table. And he’ll also miss the RKO, counter something that his opponent does, then hit the RKO. Everything else is just regular moves. (Although he did try to punt Kofi which was nice).

I like Kofi. I love the New Day. But I’m sorry, I really didn’t see any way Kofi losing here. Orton and The Revival beat him up for 2 months, only to have Kofi get one shot in in Madison Square Garden. I hope Randy and the Revival stick together afterwards, but I struggled to get through this match.

We all knew this was coming, right?

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And with that, The Fiend is on top of the world. Actually, he was on top of the world when he debuted against Finn, some would even say the Firefly Funhouse began it all, but either way, Bray Wyatt has got the whole world in his hands. (Pun intended)

After Seth’s successful Universal Championship defense against Braun Strowman, Seth celebrated on the stage. The announcers said goodnight, the logos on the bottom of the screen came up, and I looked at my cousin with a sad face. Soooo we aren’t getting Seth vs. The Fiend?

Then it hit. That uncomfortable screeching noise, the lights went out and I went ballistic. The Fiend hit Seth with a Sister Abigail then locked him in the mandible claw. The Fiend is here and I cannot wait for Hell in a Cell!!!!!!!! Sorry…I’m just so excited for this.

I was a huge fan of Bray Wyatt when he debuted and before he went on his hiatus, and to see him finally getting the respect that he deserves makes me feel like a father watching his son graduate. In all likelihood, The Fiend will go on to face Seth for the Universal Championship at HIAC.

I don’t see how they can have Bray lose here. If they put the title on him, it would feel like the old days. Where the champion wasn’t on every show. You never saw him until it was the go home show or a title defense. Bray would accomplish this and more. I love this, and again, I can’t wait.

Final Verdict

I know earlier I said this show was somewhat disappointing, but I don’t think it was so bad to give this a loss. The show missed on some points, but it hit on others.

I believe to give a show a loss, it has to have no wins at all, or wins so minimal that it doesn’t even matter. Clash of Champions was a show that honestly snuck up on me. I didn’t remember it was today until Raw on Monday.

Blame lack of build or me just looking forward to NXT, but it kind of surprised me. If I had to give the show a grade, it would be a C, and judging by my high school life, I was always ecstatic to see I got a C.

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