2019-2020 Best NBA Duo’s

2019-2020 Best NBA Duo’s

What a crazy off-season it has been for NBA Fans.  It is almost the equivalent of waiting for the season finale of our favorite TV Show, and following its conclusion having to patiently wait and anticipate the excitement for the following season.  This is our reality TV Show, except it’s a sport.

With the amount of movement that’s taken place, there are four new teams that’ll have a different season in comparison to last year due to them forming a new NBA Duo.  Below I have listed what I believe are the top-10 NBA Duos in the NBA entering the 2019-2020 NBA Season.  This is without the possibility of Chris Paul joining Jimmy Butler in Miami:

1.  Steph Curry/Klay Thompson:  Honestly, I really wanted to put PG/Leonard here but I have to be truthful.  I understand that Klay will be out until Feb/Mar, but he’ll be back just in time for a solid playoff run.  I just had to go with the pair that has been to five NBA Championships in a row, winning three of them.  Also, note that they went 73-9 the season before Kevin Durant joined them, so it’s not like they’re actually taking a step backwards without KD.

2.  Paul George/Kawhi Leonard:  Here you have two of the best two-way players in the NBA, both in their prime, joining a team that has a phenomenal bench.  Also note that the two of them both might be the most selfless players in the NBA as well, meaning they don’t *need* to score a lot of points to feel successful, they just want to win.  It’ll be exciting to watch them evolve as the season goes on.

3.  LeBron James/Anthony Davis:  One of the best to ever step on a basketball court with one of the most unique current players in the NBA joining together.  LeBron playing the role of PG will also be a major benefit to the team, as his Basketball IQ is superior to any average NBA player.  As long as neither of them spends a lengthy period of time injured, the Lakers are in a great position to make a deep championship run once the playoffs come around.

4.  Russell Westbrook/James Harden:  I know, I literally just wrote an article about why I believe these two together equals disaster, but I am also not one to shy away from that fact that this might be the most athletic pairing in the history of the NBA.  Knowing they have a solid friendship is a huge factor as well, as this could make transitioning to playing together again a bit easier.

5.  Damian Lillard/CJ McCollum:  These two have been playing together for multiple years, and have already proven they can take the Portland Trailblazers on a deep playoff run.  Their experience, talent, and that they are both still in their prime made this an easy selection for number five.

6.  Giannis Antetokounmpo/Khris Middleton:  So, I want to remind everyone that neither of these two have entered the age that would qualify as their “prime” (28-32).  Giannis is 24, Khris is 27, so we haven’t even seen what these two’s potential could be so long they continue playing together.  That they are at number six this year should startle you, as they could easily shoot to the #1 Duo within the next couple years.

7.  Kyrie Irving/Kevin Durant:  I was really hoping I could find a way to exclude these two, but I can’t.  Their talent combined is phenomenal, but I still believe we have seen the last of Kevin Durant’s Prime.  By the time he actually steps on the basketball court again he will be 33/34, and coming back from an Achilles Tear is no joke.  Though he is one of the most potent scorers ever, he may never get to that place again.  All this being said, I do not think these two will have very good chemistry, and eventually they’ll have a dispute that’ll tear the locker room apart.

8.  Nikola Jokic/Jamal Murray:  Like Giannis/Khris, these two are both 24 and 22 years old, respectfully.  They have already had a couple seasons playing together, and as they continue to mold and grow together their talents should increase tenfold.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see them bring the Denver Nuggets their first NBA Championship at some point in their careers and be regarded as a top-3 duo in the NBA.

9.  Luka Doncic/Kristaps Porzingis:  Assuming Kristaps can come back from his injury and play the type of ball that had him in early MVP discussions, these two being 20/23 years old is a scary thought.  Luka has already proven he is NBA ready, and Kristaps has shown he is more than capable of being one of the premiere players in the NBA.  If you are a Dallas Mavericks fan, it’s a good time to be excited.

10.  Ben Simmons/Joel Embiid:  To be tenth in this list and have someone named Joel Embiid just goes to show how much talented duo’s there are in the NBA right now.  Ben Simmons is, as far as I’m concerned, never going to reach the level of play he was expected too upon being drafted, and so long he can’t shoot the ball he’ll slowly fade into the abyss.  Joel, however, is one of the best players in the NBA, and I really hope his career injuries are a thing of the past.  He also has one of the most likable personalities in the NBA, and I do sincerely hope he stays healthy.

So, what do you think of this list?  Is there anything you’d change?  Comment below and let’s have a discussion!

Featured Photo Credit – Alaa Abdeldaiem/Sports Illustrated

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