GCSN Christmas Debate: Nick Foles or Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia Eagles have found themselves in a very peculiar situation this season. Their rising star gets injured for the second straight season while the team rally’s around the backup to win critical games.


The question I lie out for you here is, if Nick Foles wins a second straight super bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles does the team look into trading Carson Wentz and re-signing Nick Foles.

Now I know that the Eagles are currently on the outside looking in with one week to go left in the regular season. They still have a chance to make the playoffs though.

The formula for them getting in is quite simple. They need to win this upcoming week against the Redskins. That’s not all though. The Minnesota Vikings also have to lose to the Chicago Bears. If those two things happen in week 17, then we will see Eagles in the wild card round.

Back to the point, You almost have too stick with Foles at that point. How can you move away from the guy who has taken you to two Super Bowls in two years as a backup while winning the MVP of the game at least once?

You don’t. The Eagles would have to start looking into trades for Carson Wentz. With Foles contract running up and an extremely weak QB draft class coming in, now would be the perfect time to pull that trigger. A team like the Jacksonville Jaguars, New England Patriots, or the New Orleans Saints could potentially jump all over a deal.

Wentz price would be astronomical even with all his injury concerns. He is still under his rookie deal for a couple more years. There is also the fifth year option that could be executed. The 25 year old could fetch the biggest trade in history if he goes on the block.

Foles is going to be looking for a massive payday. The 29 year old is going to be looking for a nice pay day and a starting spot on a team. He has earned it. This Eagles team supports him and it shows on the field.

Philadelphia wouldn’t be in this position if two things didn’t happen though. Wentz led the team to a point where Foles could take over as he has and keep them in contention. The other thing is that Wentz has to get injured for this to happen this way as well.

The Eagles have one of the best dilemma’s a team could have. They have to decide who to invest the future in. The answer should be Nick Foles but it isn’t always that easy. Wentz is the younger stud in the making. Foles is now an established starter in the league who will get that payday.

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  1. Foles is 29 Wentz is 25 Foles at this point has and can lead the eagles to many Super Bowls. Wentz after his surgery hasn’t proved he can yet. I would stick with the sure thing. MVP Foles.

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