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On The Record: Week 16 Picks

Week 15 was interesting to say the least. The Eagles beat the Rams and scored more points than the rest of the NFC East combined. Dallas got shut out by the Colts, the Raiders did Raider things, and the 49ers knocked off the red-hot Seahawks. Welcome back for another segment of “On the Record” with Ian and Cameron! Our Game Changer Sports Network football experts Ian and Cameron against the top sports broadcasters in an NFL pick-ems competition.  Let’s see how the NFL experts from around the league did last week:

Dave Richard CBS: 8-8 ; 148-74-2
Mike Clay ESPN: 9-7 ; 146-76-2
Elliot Harrison NFL: 10-6 ; 148-74-2
Nathan Jahnke PFF:  9-7 ; 147-75-2
Ian Zimmerman GCSN: 9-7 ; 147-75-2
Cameron Riggs GCSN: 8-8 ; 135-87-2

As the season comes close to its end teams are desperate and that makes picking games tricky. Last week Ian picked up a game and is now only 1 behind first place. Cameron finds himself in a 10-way tie for 18th. Last week Ian squeaked by Cameron for his 4th consecutive W so we’ll hear from him first! Let’s see what our GCSN Experts have to say during this week’s segment of “On the Record”:

Week 16 CR

Saturday Games

Washington Redskins @ Tennessee Titans

Last week the Redskins were able to knock off one of the worst teams in the NFL, congrats. This week they play a hungry Titans team that is still in playoff contention. With all the injuries I don’t think the Redskins offense will be able to do much against this Titans defense. Both teams suffer from poor redzone offenses so expect to see a few stalled drives. The question that’s nagging me is can “Marcus Mariota move the ball against this Redskins secondary?”

My Prediction: I think Tennessee wins this game but it won’t be pretty. Derrick Henry rushes for 100 yards and a touchdown.

TEN 20 – WAS 18

This game has some pretty high playoff implications- the Redskins are realistically out of the playoffs with a loss, and the Titans can pretty much kiss their season goodbye with a loss as well. The rushing attack is going to be key for both teams in this one. Adrian Peterson looks to pass the 1,000 yard mark this week, proving many doubters wrong that he still had gas in the tank. Derrick Henry also has a chance to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark (currently at 882 yards) and if he plays at all like he has in his last two games, he’ll definitely get there.

Prediction: As much as I want the Skins to take the W, I think the injuries they’ve suffered will be too much. Both RBs (AP and Henry) hit 1,000 yards on the season in this game.

TEN 30- WSH 17

Baltimore Ravens @ Las Angeles Chargers

For the past few weeks the chargers have found themselves in tight contests against teams with mediocre defenses. Having won 2 games in the fourth quarter they are running on empty. Chargers fans seem to think they have this game won but not so fast! This Ravens defense is not going to just let you win, you have to earn every inch. Call me crazy I don’t care but I’m hungry for that #1 spot that’s why I’m riding with the Ravens this week! If they’re able to stall the Chargers offense enough I believe Lamar Jackson can win this game.

My Prediction: Baltimore wins thanks to Lamar Jackson who will throw for 2 TDs and rush for another.

BAL 27 – LAC 24

Another game with huge playoff seeding ramifications: The Chargers are fighting for the top seed in the AFC and the division with the Chiefs. The Ravens are fighting for the AFC North crown or the second wild card spot. This game will be the biggest one of the regular season for both teams. In this one, I’m watching the QBs. Lamar Jackson has rejuvenated the Ravens locker room and is a dual threat on the ground and in the air (he currently leads the team in rushing yards on the season with 566 and has three TDs on the ground). Phillip Rivers is playing at an MVP caliber level right now, having thrown for almost 4,000 yards, 31 TDs and only 8 INTs.

Prediction: I think the Chargers are one of the most complete teams in the NFL. They continue to show dominance week after week, and I think this week will show how good they really are. Rivers completes 75% of his passes on their way to a huge win.

LAC 28- BAL 24

Week 16 VL

Sunday Noon Games

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns

BREAKING NEWS: its week 16 and the Browns are still in playoff contention! Everyone hated on me when I said the Browns were a scary team I did not want to play. The Bengals won last week, but it was just the Raiders. Baker Mayfield has ignited a fire under this Browns team and has them heading in the right direction! I was a doubter of the first overall pick but he has proved me wrong. His heart, passion, and ability to lead has Cleveland on the move!

My Prediction: Baker Mayfield is out for blood against his former head coach this week. I predict Baker will throw 250+ yards and 3 TD’s.

CLE 31 – CIN 16

It’s Week 16 and the Browns are still in the playoff hunt… this isn’t something I’m accustomed to seeing and it’s refreshing. They’ve played extremely well under Gregg Williams, winning four of their last five games. If they win this week, it’ll be their first time sweeping Cincy since 2002. The Bengals are scoring more per game than the Browns (24.1 ppg to 22.1 ppg) but the Bengals defense allows almost 30 points per game. I’m looking for Baker Mayfield to play dangerously in the Dawg Pound.

Prediction: The Browns have 450 yards of offense on their way to routing the injury-riddled Bengals.

CLE 37- CIN 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys

I would absolutely love for Tampa Bay to win here. The trick to beating the Cowboys is to get pressure on the QB early in the game. Dallas has only lost just once at home this season. Tampa Bay on the other hand is just 1-6 on the road. It will be tough for the Bucs to get anything going on offense if this Cowboys defense actually decides to step up and play this week.

My Prediction: Dallas wins on the back of Zeke Elliott. I believe Elliot will have 150 scrimmage yards and 2 TD’s.

DAL 23 – TB 18

The Colts embarrassed the Cowboys last week, shutting them out 23-0. I rooted for the Bucs last week against the Ravens and they really let me down. I’m watching to see if the Cowboys can fix their red zone issues in this one. Last week, they got stopped on 4th and goal and also had a field goal attempt blocked. If they get Zeke the ball and can finish when they get in the red zone, the Bucs have a minimal chance to win this one.

Prediction: The Cowboys attack the Bucs weak defense by getting Zeke 30 touches in this game for 175 yards from scrimmage and a big win.

DAL 30- TB 27

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

If Minnesota wants to keep their playoff hopes alive they need a win this week. Last week they finally got the run game going and it helped Kirk cousins get Settled in! Detroit has hung in with some great teams this season and would love to play spoiler for their division rivals. If Mathew Stafford is able to stand upright in the pocket they may have a chance of wining .

My Prediction: This Minnesota defense will have 5 sacks and 2 turnovers including a pick-6.

MIN 27 – DET 23

The Vikings are coming off their biggest offensive performance of the year against the Dolphins and the Lions allow almost 24 points per game on defense. I think the bigger piece for Minnesota is that the last time they played Detroit, they sacked Matt Stafford 10 times and currently lead the league in sacks (47). The Lions are coming off an embarrassing loss to Buffalo last week. They’ve been running the ball well this season, but they’ll be without RB1 Kerryon Johnson for the rest of the season due to a knee injury. I’ll be watching to see how the Vikes do against the short pass attack that I see coming from the Lions.

Prediction: Minnesota gets 7 sacks and runs the ball 30 times this week on their way to a huge win against a divisional foe.

MIN 33- DET 14

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

The Patriots are in dangerous waters! Its week 16 and they have not clinched their division. With Miami hot on their heals the Patriots need to step up to the plate this week. We all know what can happen in divisional games, but I expect Tom Brady to rise to the occasion. A win this week will clinch their spot in the playoffs. Josh Allen is gearing up for a fight and the Bills will not let this game go easy.

My Prediction: New England wins on a 4th quarter drive from Tom Brady who throws for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns.

NE 23 – BUF 17

The Patriots aren’t looking like the same team that they’ve had in the past, coming off two straight losses. Father Time may be catching up to Tom Brady this season. That being said, they’re still the Patriots and they’re still playing the Bills in Foxborough. I don’t think Tom is going to let the Bills come into town and try to sneak away with a win. The Bills D is playing really well this season, allowing the fewest passing yards per game and 10th fewest rushing yards.

Prediction: The Patriots take this one behind stellar defensive play and 0 turnovers.

NE 27- BUF 7

Green Bay Packers @ New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers has set out to prove something these last few games. After the Packers fired their head coach you could see a different spark in him. In last weeks loss to the Bears Rodgers appeared to suffer a knee injury, but I don’t know how that will affect him this week. Rookie QB Sam Darnold will get the call again this week. Darnold has proven to be rather careless with the football having a league high 15 interceptions. Aaron Rodgers wants this win and if he wants it, he’ll get it.

My Prediction: Green Bay wins this game by putting pressure on Sam Darnold. I believe Rodgers will throw for 250 yards and 3 TD’s.

GB 30 – NYJ 20

The Jets hung with the Texans for a lot of the game last week, and I was really pulling for them. The Packers got beat by the Bears but showed some promise. Aaron Rodgers just got nominated to the Pro Bowl due to his almost 4,000 yards, 23 TDs and only 2 INTs on the year. Sam Darnold has completed under 60% of his passes for 2,350 yards and 14 TDs with 15 INTs. This Green Bay secondary is playing really well, allowing 247 yards per game in the air. This was a close second for the Toilet Bowl of the Week.

Prediction: Green Bay takes the W under a fantastic performance by Rodgers, who will throw for 325 and 3 TDs.

GB 31- NYJ 24

Houston Texans @ Philadelphia Eagles

Against all odds the Eagles arose from the ashes and defeated the LA Rams on the road. Let me start by saying I do not think Nick Foles is better than Wentz he only threw for 270 yards and an interception in the win against the Rams. People keep saying Foles won that game, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Foles almost lost us that game with a crucial turnover in the redzone. The Eagles would love to sneak into he last wildcard spot, but the Texans have one of the best receiving cores in the league.

My Prediction: I think the Eagles defense will have 3 sacks and 2 turnovers. Nick Foles throws for 200 yards and 1 touchdown.

PHI 23 – HOU 20

This game is everything for the Eagles; if they lose, their playoff hopes are gone. Nick Foles looks to continue his late season heroics as they welcome the Texans into Philly. Lots of people are wanting to have a Foles v. Wentz debate but I’m on the Ginger Team- Wentz all day. The Texans are coming off a tight game against the Jets and a loss to my Colts the week before. You heard me say it here, I think the Texans are overrated. They’re good, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think that they’re as good as people are making them out to be. This week will prove that.

Prediction: Give me Philly! Foles is going to be a game manager like he was against the Rams last week. Adams gets 25 carries and the Eagles get the W at home!

PHI 24- HOU 20

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

“Battle of the Mediocre.” The Panthers started 6-2 and have now lost 6 games in a row. The Falcons have also struggled all year and at 5-9 they would love to pass the Panthers in the standings. I win by the Falcons could eliminate the Panthers from the playoffs. I bet the players are well aware of that…

My Prediction: I think last week we saw Matt Ryan get a little swagger back, so I predict he will throw for 300 yards and 2 TD’s.

ATL 24 – CAR 17

The Falcons offense went off last week in their first win in what seems like forever against the Cardinals. The Panthers have lost 6 in a row and will be without Cam Newton in this one. Their only hope is that McCaffery can throw every pass, run every run play, and catch nearly every throw. I look for the Falcons to key in on him.

Prediction: Shutting down McCaffery will be the only way to win this game for Atlanta, so that’s exactly what they’ll do. Matt Ryan throws for 300 and 3 scores.

ATL 28- CAR 19

New York Giants @ Indianapolis Colts

After they shut down the Cowboys last week, I have become a Colts fan. The Colts defense has allowed an average of only 12.2 points per game in their last 5 games. The Giants failed to score last week and have been struggling all season. The Colts are gunning for that last wildcard spot and every game is a must win!

My Prediction: The Colts need to win this week so I’m expecting big things out of Andrew Luck. I predict the Colts to force 2 INT’s and Andrew Luck will throw 3 TD’s.

IND 27 – NYG 17

The Colts are looking better every single week and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s time to break out the pictures of me wearing Colts gear from last year so that I can shut down any bandwagon talk. The Giants were looking like a team that could play spoiler to their opponents down the stretch, but looked like the same Giants from the beginning of the season last week. OBJ is out for this one, so the Colts will look to shut down Saquon Barkley to keep their playoff hopes alive. Rookie Darius Leonard, who leads the league in tackles, said he wants to have 40 tackles this week to show why he was the biggest pro bowl snub of this century. Go Colts!

Prediction: Indy pulls into the 6 seed of the playoff hunt with a loss from Baltimore against the Chargers by shutting down Saquon and Co. Leonard doesn’t hit the 40 tackles he had hoped for, but he’ll get 20 and a forced fumble.

IND 37- NYG 17

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Miami Dolphins

The Jaguars have returned to original form this season. They have a bottom five offense and that has been their downfall. 3 of their 4 wins have come when the defense holds the other team to less than 15 points. The Jaguars are 1-5 on the road and the Dolphins are 6-1 at home…. I wonder who has the advantage?

My Prediction: Miami holds Jacksonville to less than 10 points.

MIA 17 – JAX 9

Here’s a game that no one really wants to watch unless you’re from Florida. Neither of these teams will make the playoffs and are coming off disappointing losses. I might as well flip a coin on this one- injuries, disappointing performances from players who performed well last year, and subpar coaching makes this my Toilet Bowl of the Week!

Prediction: Let’s go Dolphins on this one. Josh Lambo being injured for the Jags is the difference maker.

MIA 23- JAX 22

Week 16 SS

Sunday 3:00 Games

Las Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

There’s not much to talk about here… The cardinals are not good, Josh Rosen continues to disappoint, and the Rams are desperate for a win after a tough home loss last week.

My Prediction: Todd Gurely wins fantasy championships by having 150 yards from scrimmage and 2 TDs.

LAR 27 – ARI 16

The Cards are now getting the Oakland treatment. With two weeks left in the season, they no longer get talk time because they’re that bad.

Prediction: The Rams blow the Cards out in this one.

LAR 38- ARI 7

Chicago Bears @ San Francisco 49ers

Congratulations to the Chicago Bears on their first division title since 2010! Their defense continues to show why they’re the best in the league. Nick Mullens and the 49ers are fresh off a big win in Seattle and would love to play spoiler again this week. Nick has not seen a defense like this one and I hope the best for him. The Bears still have a chance at a first round bye if they can win out. I expect Chicago to continue to roll on the road.

My Prediction: I predict the Bears defense will have 5 sacks and 2 turnovers on the road.

CHI 24 – SF 20

The Bears are the biggest surprise of the season and their defense is by far the best in football. They’re going up against a weak 49ers club that shocked me for the last two weeks in a row, defeating Denver and then Seattle. However, the Bears are something special this season. Matt Nagy will be the coach of the year and Khalil Mack should be the DPOY, despite the numbers that Aaron Donald has been putting up.

Prediction: The Bears go on the road and dominate this 49ers team on offense, defense and special teams. They’ll score an offensive touchdown and defensive touchdown in this one.

CHI 31- SF 10

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New Orleans Saints

Potential Super Bowl preview? I don’t believe so. Thee Steelers have a very good chance to miss the playoffs. A loss this week could drop them out of the playoff picture. With James Conner unlikely to play the Steelers need Jaylen Samuels to step up to the plate. The Saints offense has been struggling to find its rhythm after losing to the Cowboys. Their first 11 games the Saints averaged 416 yards and 37.2 points per game. In their last 3 games they have averaged just 273 yards and 16.6 points per game. The Colts are hoping for a Steelers loss and I think they just might get it.

My Prediction: I predict the New Orleans offense will out score the Steelers with 3 passing TD’s and the Saints defense will score also.

NO 34 – PIT 26

This game is another huge one that I’ll have my eye on. If somehow Baltimore comes out with the win and the Steelers lose, then the Ravens hold the AFC North spot for the playoffs. When the Colts win, the Steelers would no longer be in the playoff picture. The Saints are the best team in the NFL and the Steelers have to go into New Orleans to play. They’ll be without James Conner again this week and Juju Smith-Schuster is listed as questionable. If Drew Brees continues to play like he has all season, the Saints will win this one.

Prediction: At home in the Big Easy, the Saints are too hard to stop. They’ll run the ball all game and pick up a huge win to try and lock home-field advantage in the playoffs.

NO 30- PIT 28

Week 16 CS

Sunday Night Football

Kansas City Chiefs @ Seattle Seahawks

Unpopular opinion: The Chiefs are overrated. Don’t get me wrong they’re good but I don’t believe they’re great. Their defense ranks 5th or worst in every defensive category. Their offense has been the only thing keeping them in these games. Without Kareem Hunt the Chiefs offense hasn’t been the same. Unlike the Chiefs the Seahawks play offense and defense. Seattle has the #1 ranked rushing offense and a defense that allows just 20.9 points per game. This is a very important playoff matchup! If the Chiefs lose and the Chargers win, they will fall into a wildcard spot. Let’s see if Phillip Rivers gets a little help from the Seahawks.

My Prediction: Not many people can win in Seattle. I believe the Seahawks defense will intercept Mahomes twice.

SEA 33 – KC 30

This should be one of the better games of the week. I’m sold on Seattle. They’re a very talented team that I think has a chance to make a deep playoff run. The Chiefs haven’t looked the same since releasing Kareem Hunt. They are still 11-3 due to the amazing play of Patrick Mahomes. However, if they want to make a Super Bowl run, their defense needs to step up. They allow over 27 points per game- they can usually just outscore the other team. I’m going to be watching for how the Seattle rushing game does against KC’s defense that allows almost 127 yards per game on the ground.

Prediction: Call me crazy, but I’m taking the underdog. Seattle runs all over KC on their way to locking in a playoff spot.

SEA 33- KC 30 (OT)

Week 16 BR

Monday Night Football

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

Last week I made the mistake of picking the Raiders. That is not a mistake I will make again. Case Keenum needs to step up his game these next 2 games if he wants to hold onto his starting job next season. From last year his stats have dropped quite a bit fewer TD’s, more INT’s, and a 5% drop in completion percentage. The Raiders have their sights set on next season.

My Prediction: I believe Case Keenum will throw for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns this week.

DEN 20 – OAK 17

The one time I get the confidence to pick Oakland and they let me down. Back to their losing ways.

Prediction: The Broncos run all over the raiders to pick up the W.

DEN 34- OAK 20

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