Wilson To Face Another Suspension?

Just when Tom Wilson gets back from a 14 game suspension, originally 20 games but reduced, he strikes again.

Wilson received a game misconduct for his blind side hit on New Jersey’s Brett Seney.

Seney was helped off the ice by medical staff and escorted to the locker room.

Now this is a tough take for Wilson.

Looking at the play, if Wilson did not have 4 suspensions in his time with Washington already, he very well may just get a warning and a fine.

However, with his history, this looks like another possible suspension for Wilson.

In my opinion, it looks like Wilson was skating back into his zone to help out his Defenseman, but contact was made with a defenseless Seney when it should have been avoided by Wilson.

As previously stated, a player with a clean record may get the benefit of the doubt, however Wilson has not had that benefit for several incidents.

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  1. This is ridiculous. This piece of shit needs to be suspended indefinitely. He’s going to seriously hurt someone let alone end someone’s hockey career. #nomoreTom

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