BREAKING: Major WWE Championship Title Change Occurs on WWE Smackdown Live

We’re only 5 days away from WWE Survivor Series, one of WWE’s ‘Big 5’ PPV’s, and yet more change has shaken up what has already promised to be a stacked card!

Just one day removed from an injury sustained by WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch that ultimately resulted in her removal from her match against WWE Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, a major title change has occurred during WWE Smackdown’s main event.

After 2 years of being out of commission, Daniel Bryan has captured the WWE Championship against AJ Styles in Smackdown’s main event, capping off a night of tumultuous changes to the Survivor Series card and setting himself up for a match against WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar on November 18th!

WWE Smackdown started off with then-champion AJ Styles coming down to the ring to discuss his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar, a rematch from the prior year’s Survivor Series event. However, Styles stopped his promo mid-way once he noticed Paul Heyman near the timekeeper’s table and the two went back-and-forth discussing each other’s accolades. One name that was brought up during the discussion, however, was Daniel Bryan. Bryan recently had a stellar championship match against Styles on Smackdown that saw the ‘Phenominal One’ walk away with the gold!

This didn’t sit well with Bryan, however, who took offense to his name being mentioned ‘without reason’ and ignited a brawl between himself and Styles, setting up the stage for the main event.

The two went back-and-forth, on pace with their performance before WWE’s Crown Jewel, and it seemed that Styles was poised to defend his coveted championship en route to Survivor Series. However, a missed Phenominal Forearm from Styles that landed on the referee resulted in a sinister turn of events.

Bryan capitalized on the chaos with a sudden low-blow on the WWE Champion and followed up with the Running Knee Strike, subduing Styles for the 3-Count and ending Styles’ historic 371-day reign while capturing his 4th WWE Championship reign in the process. Bryan wasn’t content with the victory, however, and proceeded to attack Styles post-match, with a deranged demeanor.

With this victory, Bryan will now replace AJ Styles in the Survivor Series match, facing off against Brock Lesnar in the Champion vs. Champion match-up. The future of the ‘Phenominal One’, however, remains uncertain at this time.


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Photo Credit: WWE

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