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Should the NCAA Suspend KU’s Bill Self?

Bill Self untouchable? Why should Bill Self get to keep coaching at Kansas University when one of his staff, and a player on his roster, have been named in the recent Adidas recruiting scandal?

Here are the simple facts moving forward:

  • Adidas is the largest Booster for the Kansas Athletic Programs, investing millions in the basketball program.
  • Adidas has direct access to the basketball staff and players.
  • Adidas is responsible for paying the players at Kansas.

We also know through the investigation that:

  • Adidas consultant T.J. Gassnola apparently paid De Sousa’s guardian, Fenny Falmagne, $20,000 for De Sousa to attend Kansas.
  • Gassnola texted former Adidas employee Merl Code: “I have been going around dropping bags to that idiot Fenny in order to get Kansas to re-sign with Adidas.”.
  • Gassnola also wrote a note, summing up one trip to Lawrence: “Met with Coach [Bill] Self and his staff … talked recruiting targets and the upcoming season. Assured them we are here to help.”
  • The attorney for Adidas executive James Gatto, Michael Schachter, told the jury that Gatto approved the $20,000 payment because “Kansas’s head coach knew of and asked for a payment to be made to Silvio De Sousa’s handler.”.

With this information coming forward, in the court of law, the NCAA will inevitably investigate Kansas. The problem is that NCAA investigations are long, and almost never turn up or confirm suspected violations through that process. But, the above information was brought up in the legal system; in the court of law, and under oath. Self would have to prove without a doubt that he had nothing to do with any of this, and had no link to Adidas paying his players.

It’s time to hold these head coaches accountable for the obvious dealing done under their watch. Why are players being suspended, and lower staff members being fired, but not head coaches? This wasn’t the dealings of some rogue assistant hiring a stripper or taking recruits out to dinner. This was a seasoned staff member working with a booster to pay a would-be player to play for KU. The coach knows; He’s the king moving the pawns.

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