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College Football: Should The Playoffs Expand To Eight Teams?

There will be no expansion of the CFP, at least for now. Executive director of the committee Bill Hancock stated at the SEC Media day, “There is no talk about expansion among the university presidents and college commissioners who sit on our boards.”


I personally would love to see the CFP expand to eight teams. Do I believe UCF deserved a shot at the title? Absolutely. I am also of the mindset that the winner of a power 5 conference should have an automatic bid into the playoffs. Take five conference champions and then the next 3 best teams in the nation.

I know there are a lot of arguments against this expansion, such as schools in the playoffs will have to play an additional game each season. I would bet that if you polled the players, they would be willing to play an additional game for a chance to win a title.

More games played equals more revenue for everyone involved, which will only fuel the fire on the paying the players argument. I’m guessing this is one of the reasons the NCAA is unwilling to make the jump from four to eight teams.

There are much smarter people than me working on this, and I’m sure there are issues that would come along with expansion that I did not mention. I would just love to see more football in January.

Let me know your thoughts and what you think should happen with the CFP!

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