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No better day to write about the most iconic Father-Son Duo’s to ever race for the Cup Championship then Father’s Day. There are way to many Duo’s to mention them all, so I’ll just name my top 5.

5. Bill and Chase Elliott: Bill has won a total of 44 career cup races, which led him to a Cup Championship in 1988. Three years prior, in 1985, Bill accomplished a career high in wins with 11, but fell just short of a Cup Championship. Chase has yet to find his first career win, but I feel like he could break that streak any race now. Chase does have 25 top 5 finishes in just 2 and a half seasons with a top rank of 5th in 2017. While Bill is well known across the NASCAR industry, I believe Chase will be the more accomplished out of the two by the end of his career.

4. Ned and Dale Jarrett: Ned paved a way for NASCAR drivers in the mid 1960’s, while cruising to 50 career wins and 2 Cup Championships in 1961 and 1965. He was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2011. Dale struggled towards the start of his career, but got the break he needed in 1995 when Robert Yates Racing took a chance on him. His career sky rocketed from then on out. He accomplished 32 career wins and a Cup Championship in 1999 and was also inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014.

3. David and Larry Pearson: While we all know that David was a much better driver than Larry, I had to include them both because of how talented David was. I include David as one of my top 5 NASCAR drivers of all time. He won 105 Cup races, along with 3 Cup championships over his lengthy career. Larry had no success in the Cup Series with 0 career wins, but he was very successful in the Xfinity Series. He had 15 career wins, along with back to back Xfinity Championships in 1986 and 1987.

2. Lee and Richard Petty: Not only was Lee one of NASCAR’S very first drivers, he was also one of NASCAR’S most Iconic drivers. Lee won a total of 54 career races and 3 Cup Championships. His biggest accomplishment however, was raising the King of NASCAR: Richard Petty. Richard had a whopping 200 career wins, 555 top 5 finishes and 7 Cup Championships over his 35 year Cup Series career.

1. Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr: Dale Earnhardt Senior is the first driver to come along that could ever compare to Richard Petty. Dale had 76 career wins, 281 top 5 finishes and 7 Cup Championships throughout his 27 year career. His sudden death in 2001 at the Daytona 500 took the NASCAR world by surprise. Even though it was such a tragic day in the sport, his son knew he died doing what he loved. While Dale Jr hasn’t been as accomplished, he has always represented his dad very well with 26 career victories and 149 top 5 finishes. Although, neither currently race to this day, their names will live on forever.

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