Conflicting Reports On LB Mychal Kendrick’s Potentially Signing with Browns

Earlier today Ian Rapoport reported that the former Philadelphia Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks had signed a one-year deal with the Cleveland Browns.

Mychal Kendrick’s himself came out and went on a swear-filled rant about signing with the Browns. His statement read as follows:

“No, it’s not accurate. I don’t know who the (bleep) said that. That (bleep) is (bleep). Whoever said that (bleep) is (bleep). That’s all I have to say, man. I’m not really talking to anybody else about it. It’s (bleep). I don’t like people like that. I don’t respect people like that. And that’s all I have to say.’’

Kendricks also states that he was still in negotiations with multiple other teams. Ian Rapoport usually isn’t wrong so I would be really surprised if this was untrue.

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