NBA Player Looking To File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Milwaukee Police Department

A video has recently been released from an incident that occurred back in January. Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Sterling Brown was tased and restrained by six police officers after parking illegally in front of a Walgreens.

Brown told his story with ABC yesterday about the whole experience for the first time.

(Body cam footage)

The way Brown was parked was definitely illegal. He was double parked across two handicapped spots, but the way the officers responded to the situation was, in the Milwaukee’s police chief’s words, “inappropriate”.

Since the incident, the Milwaukee police department has publicly apologized and disciplined their officers.

Brown has realized how important it is that he uses his platform to show what happened to him that night.  He was not charged with a crime, and he has promised a Civil rights lawsuit against the city in hopes of prompting change in policy in the Milwaukee police department as well as others across the country.



Featured image credit:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Video credit:  SKY TV Original video source: ABC (Good Morning America)

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