James has some fun with the media following game 1 loss, shows off his good memory

The tone in the press conference Sunday evening set by LeBron James would not have had you thinking he just gave away game 1 to Boston.  He presented himself as he always does and gave us a little glimpse of what goes on in his mind on the court.


I’ve come to the conclusion that this “very well flown” auto piloted LeBron James we sometimes see is more of a deliberate style of play.  In the Playoffs; when the media and fans are reacting game to game and narratives have no solidity to them, James’ mind is in another place.  He’s been here and done that, over 200 times.  He knows this could be a long series and he’s going to use what he can from the past game to help him and his Cavaliers be better going forward.

No discredit to the Boston Celtics though.  A 25 point win is a huge win and great for their confidence.  Boston did what they wanted and it seemed that there was no particular matchup that was working out in Cleveland’s favor.  Brad Stevens continues to show that he will have his team prepared for anything thrown their way.  This is the type of dynamic you look for in a 7 game series.  Adjustments and counters are being drawn up by both sides for game 2.

Will Boston’s inexperience and youth be able to be coached through beating one of the greatest playoff players to ever play?


Featured Image and video: @NBATV on Twitter

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