Vegas Will Not Surrender Player When Seattle Expansion Draft Takes Place

Several subjects were touched upon when the NHL general managers got together this past week in their yearly meetings, such as goaltender interference, offsides, and most importantly the Seattle Expansion Draft.


With an expansion most likely going to happen within the next few years to Seattle, the general managers were told that the expansion draft process would take place in the same way that Vegas’ draft took place, and that Vegas will be exempt from giving a player to the Seattle organization.

This is due to the fact that when Seattle applies they will need to pay a 650 million dollar fee that will be split between the rest of the organizations except for Vegas to account for the loss of a player in the Expansion Draft.

Supposedly this was part of the agreement between Vegas and the NHL when an agreement was made to expand to the NHL to Vegas.

With Vegas having the most success any expansion team has ever had in the NHL, this appears to be an added bonus as they will not be subject to losing possibly a key player if they are not able to put them on the protection list.

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