2018 NFL Draft Live Stream and Analysis

2018 NFL Draft Live Stream and Analysis

All night tonight during the NFL draft, we will be updating pick by pick. We will also be bringing you live up to the minute analysis of each team and their pick. Tune in here, leave a comment, and check back often for updates throughout the night! Myself and our writer Alex Eiden will be at it all night.

Check out this article by The Athletes Hub for any and all pre draft rumors!


1st Overall Pick: Cleveland Browns 

QB Baker Mayfield – Oaklahoma

Jake: He is the current Heisman winner. This is the perfect fit for the Browns system. A lot of scouts have some issues about his off the field issues. Much like Johnny Manziel was coming out of college. The most accurate passer in this field. Mayfield can also pass on the run. Matching him with Jarvis Landry will be dangerous. 33-6 as a carrer starter in college. He will bring a level of swagger to the team that needs a flashy franchise QB.

Alex: Mayfield is a polarizing pick at #1, this can change Cleveland for good or blow up in their faces. First time a shirt QB has been taking his high in a while. The Browns got a stellar talent here.

2nd Overall Pick: New York Giants

RB Saquon Barkley – Penn St.

Jake: The best talent in the draft this year in my opinion. I love this pick. I do think the Giants should have gone with a QB for life after Eli Manning though. Regardless of that, The Giants just gave Manning a weapon that he has never been able to play with before.

Alex: Barkley is a generational talent and one of the only sure things in this draft. The Giants killed it with this pick and this will immediately upgrade the offense.

3rd Overall Pick: New York Jets (from Indianapolis Colts) 

QB Sam Darnold – USC

Jake: With Tom Brady’s window closing and the AFC East almost up for grabs, this was the draft to find a QB for the Jets. After signing Teddy Bridgewater in free agency they can sit him for as long as he needs before he gets on the field. He has the best awareness of any QB in this draft. A minor fumble problem that good coaching can easily take care of.

Alex: Jets had gold fall into their laps here, he’s NFL ready. I still think he will sit behind McCown or Teddy, but the Jets pick up their future in Darnold.

4th Overall Pick: Cleveland Browns (from Houston Texans)

CB Denzel Ward – Ohio St.

Jake: After ten strait losing seasons, the Browns have had a lot of time to turn things around. I didn’t see Ward going to the Browns but I love this pick. Ward has the potential to be the best DB to come out of this draft. Ward along with newly acquired Damerious Randall will be a deadly combo in Cleveland’s backfield.

Alex: Taking Ward over Chubb is shocking. Ward is a baller though, so I’m not totally surprised by this. Browns get two big time players in the top five and should immediately be better in the secondary.

5th Overall Pick: Denver Broncos

DE – Bradley Chubb – NC State

Jake: Pairing Chubb with Von Miller is going to be the most interesting duo to watch going into the 2018 season. They have a solid QB which means they didn’t need to go in that direction. Denver is known for having a dominate defense and now they add the top edge rusher in the draft.

Alex: Broncos get a steal here, Chubb is a stud at the end of the line. With Von Miller on one end this Denver defense is once again insane. Great pick by Denver.

6th Overall Pick: Indianapolis Colts (from New York Jets)

OG Quenton Nelson – Notre Dame

Jake: The best offensive linemen in the draft this year. Andrew Luck needed someone to protect him when he comes back. They can’t have Luck taking so many sacks if they want to be contenders this year. Nelson gives them a little bit of stability for the O-line. They went out and got what they needed most.

Alex: The most sure thing in this entire draft, the Colts got a steal of a pick here. Nelson will help keep Andrew Luck upright and healthy. They won’t have to worry about guard for a very long time in Indy.

7th Overall Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TRADED TO BUFFALO: QB Josh Allen – Wyoming

Jake: Buffalo trade up for who they think will be the QB of the future. Allen looks to have all the pieces to be a franchise QB in the future. His style is similar to that of Buffalo legend Jim Kelly. He has a cannon for an arm. He lacks awareness on the field. It can be easily fixed though.

Alex: Great pick by Buffalo. Josh Allen is NFL ready from Week 1, but he may sit behind AJ McCarron until he’s perfectly ready. Trading up was worth it for the Bills. He’s a great fit for their system and their team.

8th Overall Pick: Chicago Bears

LB Roquan Smith – Georgia

Jake: The Chicago Bears need help all over their defense. Smith was the best defensive player on the board. No matter how they looked at it, they couldn’t screw up this pick. No matter who they took it was an upgrade over last years talent. He is alreadt the most talented player on the D.

Alex: Another keystone in the middle of a Chicago defense. He’ll be a franchise sure tackler for the Bears for years to come. Smith is a beast and can play coverage and stop the run. Bears got a great pick.

9th Overall Pick: San Fransisco 49ers

OT Mike McGlinchey – Notre Dame

Jake: The second Notre Dame offensive linemen to come off the board in the top ten picks. Giving Jimmy G. the protection he needs was the number one priority for them coming into this draft. He has all the potential to become the top T in the league over the next few years.

Alex: The 49ers get a steal at 9 in McGlinchey, he’s a monster at tackle. He has ups and downs but he’s easily the best tackle in this entire draft. Great pick to protect Jimmy G

10th Overall Pick: Oakland Raiders


Jake: After losing Carson Palmer to retirement this off season, the Cardinals needed to start looking to the future of the most important position on the team. His injury history is a question coming into the draft. Both Bradford and Rosen run the same style of offense. The perfect fit for Rosen is Arizona and they got him.

Alex: The Cardinals see their opportunity and take it. Rosen is the most capable QB in this draft class and throwing to Larry Fitzgerald is a blessing for a rookie QB. The Cardinals are set at quarterback.

11th Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins

CB Minkah Fitzpatrick – Alabama

Jake: I absolutely love this kid. His awareness and vision on the field are second to no one in this draft. He can play any position in the secondary. He has incredible speed. The perfect secondary fit for a Miami team that faces the Patriots twice a year. Gase believes he can win with Ryan Tannehill so why not take the best player left on the board.

Alex: Miami got lucky here, Fitzpatrick is an all around monster. He can play anywhere in the secondary. Miami didn’t get a QB here but they got the best player available with Minkah. A++ pick.

12th Overall Pick: Buffalo Bills (from Cincinnati Bengals)


Jake: Another pick I didn’t see coming at this stage. I was expecting a DB here. This is a great fit for them given that they were last in almost every defensive stat you can think of. Vea is a great fit and a great matchup with newly acquired Jason Pierre-Paul. Vea is a difference maker in the front seven.

Alex: How do they not take Derwin James here? They need help in the secondary more than anything and they take Vea? I like him a lot but that’s not where Tampa needed to go here. He’s an athlete who can dominate the inside of the line, and a big guy who can clog holes

13th Overall Pick: Washington Redskins

DT Da’Ron Payne – Alabama

Jake: Washington needs help on the defensive side of the ball. Payne is one of the top run stoppers in the draft this year. His ability to get to the QB is rough but he can stop the run unlike anyone else in this draft.

Alex: Washington drafts a pure athletic monster here. Payne will immediately help bolster their line. He’s a great tackler and can pressure the quarterback too. Great pick here.

14th Overall Pick: Green Bay Packers


Jake: After moving up from 27 to 14 and trading next years number one pick, you can’t pick anything other than what you expect to be your future QB. I was expecting Lamar Jackson here. The Saints moved up and traded the farm for a great edge rusher. He has a lot of work ahead of him though.

Alex: Trading your first round pick next year for a DE? I don’t know. Davenport is athletic and an excellent rusher. He’ll need time to mold into the elite rusher they want him to be. He’s a good luck but not worth next years first round pick.

15th Overall Pick: Arizona Cardinals


Jake: Derek Carr needed some protection coming into this draft. Miller is quite possibly the most dangerous Tackle in this draft. Miller is clearly set to become the new face of the Raiders aging O-Line.

Alex: Odd pick at 15, but not awful. Miller is a solid Tackle who can come in and be the understudy to Donald Penn. Keeping Derek Carr healthy is the key to success in the East Bay.

16th Overall Pick: Baltimore Ravens

TRADED TO BUFFALO BILLS: LB Tremaine Edmunds – Virginia Tech

Jake: The 19 year old monster linebacker is heading to Buffalo. His skill set along with his size are absolutely unknown to the league. Expect him to ring the bell of the AFC East for years to come.

Alex: Solid pick for the Bills to trade up for. Edmunds is very talented and very young. He’s got a great skill set and will be a welcomed addition to the Buffalo defense.

17th Overall Pick: Los Angeles Chargers

S Derwin James – Florida St.

Jake: Derwin James is hands down the fastest CB coming out of this draft. He can cover anyone on the field and can hit as hard as a LB. Chargers taking him in a tough AFC West is a smart move on their part. They knew they had another year to go after a QB.

Alex: Biggest steal of the first round so far. To me, James was one of the few players in this draft I believe is a sure thing. He’s a freak that can cover anyone. Huge boost to the secondary in LA.

18th Overall Pick: Seattle Seahawks

TRADED TO GREEN BAY PACKERS: CB Jaire Alexander – Louisville

Jake: Another guy who has amazing awareness. This kid could be a interception machine. He is a great player in the punt return game. Green Bay traded up for the right guy for their system.

Alex: Good pick for Green Bay. Jaire Alexander is a great player who can hunt the ball down and pick it off. He’s athletic and can run all over the place. He’s not super tall, but he’s great in special teams too.

19th Overall Pick: Dallas Cowboys

LB Leighton Vander Esch – Boise St.

Jake: After letting Dez Bryant go a couple weeks ago, I expected this pick to be a WR to replace him. Vander Esch reminds me a lot of Khalil Mack in terms of speed and play reading ability.

Alex: Big tough linebacker who can be a smart leader for the Dallas defense. Neck issue may come back to haunt him, but if he stays healthy he can be a solid piece for years.

20th Overall Pick: Detroit Lions

C Frank Ragnow – Arkansas 

Jake: Matt Patricia’s first pick as coach of the Detroit Lions is a key one. Stafford has an interception issue due to how much he gets rushed. Ragnow will be able to cover down the middle better than anyone else Stafford has had in front of him.

Alex: Ragnow is a solid center, Detroit got a good pick here. He’s sturdy and reliable at center or guard. A successful pick in the new Matt Patricia era.

21st Overall Pick: Cincinnati Bengals (from Buffalo Bills)

C Billy Price – Ohio St.

Jake: A guy who can play any inside O-line position. This kid is an animal. Cincinnati needed to sure up their O-line before Dalton ended up injured. The Bengals were one of the most desperate teams for O-Line coming into this draft.

Alex: Billy Price is a great center. He can swing out to guard as well. Bengals needed help badly at offensive line and they immediately get it with Price. Solid choice.

22nd Overall Pick: Buffalo Bills (from Kansas City)


TRADED TO TENNESSEE: Rashaan Evans – Alabama

Jake: For a team with a few aging Linebackers, this is a great pick. I saw him as an early second round pick in my mock. He’s a one year starter at Alabama. He has a little development to do but has the potential to be a star.

Alex: Great pick by Tennessee to make their defense better. Doesn’t have a ton of experience but he’s not expected to be the star immediately, but he will start. Good pick from the Titans.

23rd Overall Pick: New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Rams)

T Isaiah Wynn – Georgia

Jake: You can never count on the Patriots to do what everyone thinks. Lamar Jackson stays on the board. The Patriots get a guy in a position that they needed extremely bad. Yes, Tom Brady is getting old, I agree with this though, protect him rather than find his successor so early in the draft.

Alex: An absolute monster on the end of the line, Wynn played guard at Georgia but he can certainly play tackle. He’ll bowl over any defender coming to him and he’ll keep Brady upright

24th Overall Pick: Carolina Panthers

WR D.J. Moore – Maryland

Jake: The first WR off the board in this draft. He adds to a rather dangerous offense already. He will be able to open the field up for Cam Newton alongside Devin Funchess. He worked with 8 different QB’s in his three years at Maryland. His speed sets him apart from the rest of the draft class.

Alex: Panthers fill their biggest need with the best receiver in this draft class. He’s a home run hitter, and he can run the tough routes too. He can be used as a running back as well. Great choice for Carolina.

25th Overall Pick: Tennessee Titans


Jake: After trading down twice, it was clear the Ravens knew exactly who they wanted. He reminds me a lot of Rob Gronkowski in his play style. He is by far the best blocking TE in this draft. He will be a great compliment to the Ravens offense.

Alex: Hurst is a great pick here. Can catch the ball and commit to run blocking as well. He’s a great overall package at tight end. He’s also fast. He’s a great pick here for the Ravens.

26th Overall Pick: Atlanta Falcons

WR Calvin Ridley – Alabama

Jake: I’m surprised Ridley fell this far in the draft. This is a great pick for the Falcons. His play style is perfect for Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Ridley and Jones together is going to be hands down the best WR duo in the NFC. He will be the replacement for Taylor Gabriel.

Alex: I’m not sure if this was the best pick at this position, but he’s still a very good player. He can run routes and can catch the long ball as well. Julio is on the decline, so this could bode well for Atlanta.

27th Overall Pick: New Orleans Saints

Traded to Green Bay Packers

Traded to Seattle Seahawks: 

RB – Rashaad Penny – San Diego St. 

Jake: He’s more impressive in the kick return game. He can break tackles like Marshawn Lynch. He is a monster, the perfect fit for an offense like Seattle. He can play all three downs and the Seahawks don’t have to worry about the RB anymore.

Alex: What a shocker here! Penny is manipulative runner who can make defenders look silly. Surprising to see him taken so high, but Seattle must see something in him that we don’t. He certainly fills a big need for them as well.

28th Overall Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

S Terrell Edmunds – Virginia Tech

Jake: After years of secondary issues, the Steelers finally get some much needed help. His brother was taken earlier in the draft. Edmunds play style will fit well into the Pittsburgh defensive play style.

Alex: Maybe a bit of a reach by Pittsburgh here. Edmunds is a hitter and a solid Safety who can be put into the Steelers defense right now. Solid pick but it could come back to haunt them.

29th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

DT Taven Bryan – Florida

Jake: After a couple years of great draft picks, Jacksonville will most likley keep that streak going. Bryan just adds to this already insane front seven that led the league in sacks in 2017. This pick is a bit of a reach but a great fit for an already stacked defense.

Alex: Solid pick by Jacksonville here late in the round. An insane athlete but only has one year of experience. Great size and speed, a solid addition to an already dominant Jacksonville defense.

30th Overall Pick: Minnesota Vikings

CB Mike Hughes – UCF

Jake: A great talent but a rather questionable pick. Xavier Rhodes and Tre Waynes are already on this team. There were more pressing needs than CB for them. It looks like they decided to take the best player available rather than a need.

Alex: Great value pick here at 30 for Minnesota. Hughes has a lot of upside. They need a #2 behind Rhodes and he can be their guy.

31st Overall Pick: New England Patriots

RB Sony Michel – Georgia

Jake: I knew the Patriots would need to replace Dion Lewis. I wouldn’t have guessed they would go after their guy in the first round. A clear late second round talent, the Patriots reached for him. He is quick and agile. He can break through small holes.

Alex: An immediate upgrade to Dion Lewis, Sony Michel is both powerful and speedy. He’s a great combination runner. He doesn’t need a big hole to hit a home run. Great pick here for New England.

32nd Overall Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

TRADED TO BALTIMORE RAVENS: QB Lamar Jackson – Louisville

Jake: Another guy that I didn’t expect to fall this far. Jackson has amazing talent and will be a force to be reckoned with in the next few years. He has time to learn under Joe Flacco. His raw potential reminds you of a young Mike Vick.

Alex: Jackson is the beginning of a new era in Baltimore. Once Flacco is done things are going to be different. Huge risk but it’s worth it. Jackson is an explosive and exciting athlete that can change the climate in a locker room. Baltimore is a new team.

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