Should The Dallas Cowboys Give Zeke an Extension?

Should The Dallas Cowboys Give Zeke an Extension?

For anyone who is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys: thank you.  You’re always the butt of the best sports jokes, and somehow you keep fighting though.  But you will reap the rewards one day, I promise.  But this is not that day.  Jerry Jones, owner of the “most valuable sports franchise on Earth,” eased the stress of Cowboy fans across the globe in regards to the contract extensions of Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, and Amari Cooper with one simple sentence: “It’ll happen.” Great! Except get rid of Zeke before you do that, sir! Or you’ll certainly never win a Superbowl!

Below is a section from the interview:

“Just know that like so many things, it’ll happen.  It’ll happen.  There literally is no concern on my part at all about any time frame.  That’ll happen.  The results are too good for them and too good for the Cowboys.”

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These are the five highest paid players from each Superbowl winner going back to the New York Giants 2012 Superbowl Win:

2019 Superbowl Winner New England Patriots: QB, FS, TE, ILB, CB

2018 Superbowl Winner Philidelphia Eagles: WR, RT, DT, DE, DE

2017 Superbowl Winner New England Patriots: QB, LT, OLB, OLB, RT

2016 Superbowl Winner Denver Broncos: QB, WR, LT, OLB, OLB

2015 Superbowl Winner New England Patriots: QB, DT, CB, TE, FS

2014 Superbowl Winner Seattle Seahawks: TE, LT, RB (Marshawn Lynch), DE, DE

2013 Superbowl Winner Baltimore Ravens: OLB, DT, S, QB, WR

2012 Superbowl Winner New York Giants: QB, DE, RB (Brandon Jacobs), G, CB

If you are intending on winning a Superbowl or building a dynasty, having a RB that requires a hefty percentage of your salary cap is not the solution. With the exception of 2012 and 2014, no other team that has won in recent years has done so with one of their highest paid players being the RB.

If Jerry Jones gives in, and allows Zeke to take the money he wants, you will not see The Dallas Cowboys in a Superbowl anytime soon.

That isn’t to say Zeke doesn’t have the talent, because he most certainly does, but football, almost more than any other sport, requires the unit as a whole to perform as opposed to just one person. If you can sign two or three solid players for what it’d cost to sign Zeke, it’d be a mistake to continue signing Elliot.

Think smart, Jerry Jones. Your fans deserve better.

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